13 Nearest Swimming Pools in Newsdelivers.com, Complete with Entrance Ticket Prices

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An exciting vacation with children doesn’t always have to be out of town, Mother. Swimming in the nearest swimming pool in Newsdelivers.com will also be very fun, you know.

In the DKI Newsdelivers.com area, there are many swimming pools that can be used as exciting vacation destinations with your little one. Not only playing with water, children can also meet new people and practice their social skills.

The Nearest Swimming Pool in Newsdelivers.com

Don’t be confused about choosing a swimming pool to be your vacation destination, Mother. The following are recommendations for swimming pools in Newsdelivers.com, complete with entry tickets:



1. Cikini Swimming Pool

This one swimming pool is located at Jalan Cikini Raya No.75, Central Newsdelivers.com, Bunda. This one swimming pool is a public swimming pool that you can visit to unwind with your little one.

This place is usually used as a place to practice swimming athletes. Not only that, Mother can also buy food at the cafe if you start to feel hungry.

Entrance ticket to the swimming pool in Cikini, Central Newsdelivers.com:

To enter and have fun in this swimming pool, you need to pay a ticket of around P40,000 per person on weekdays and Rp.50,000 on holidays.

2. Plaza Festival Swimming Pool

The Plaza Festival Swimming Pool is often also referred to as the Soemantri, Bunda Sports Pool. This swimming pool is one of the cheap destinations that Mother can enjoy with her little one.

There are various types of pools that can be enjoyed. The trajectory and depth also vary.

Entrance ticket:

The ticket price for entering the Plaza Festival Swimming Pool is IDR 20,000 in the morning and IDR 10,000 in the afternoon.

3. GBK Senayan Aquatic Stadium

The GBK Senayan Aquatic Stadium has four swimming pools of different sizes, Mother. Not only that, the length and width are also very diverse.

In general, this swimming pool is of athlete standard so there are not many games in it. However, Mothers and Little Ones can still come and visit this one stadium for a vacation.

Entrance ticket to GBK Aquatic Stadium, one of the closest swimming pools in Newsdelivers.com:

The GBK Aquatic Stadium is open to the public with an entrance ticket of IDR 100,000 per person. You can pay for tickets using e-money or order them online.

4. Arcici Swimming Pool

Arcici Swimming Pool is located in the Cempaka Putih area, Central Newsdelivers.com. This swimming pool is very clean, comfortable, and has many facilities that can be used by the Little One. For example, slides and water barrels.

Entrance ticket:

On weekdays, the entrance ticket to the Arcici Swimming Pool is priced at IDR 40,000 per person. While holidays are valued at IDR 50,000 per person.

5. Bulungan Swimming Pool

Mothers who are in South Newsdelivers.com also want to go on vacation by visiting the swimming pool with their children and family? Bulungan Swimming Pool can be an option, here.

Bulungan Swimming Pool has adequate and clean facilities. There are two types of pools, namely pools for adults and children.

Entrance ticket:

If you want to visit the Bulungan Swimming Pool. You need to buy a ticket for IDR 10,000 on weekdays and IDR 15,000 on holidays.

6. Taman Alfa Indah Swimming Pool

Taman Alfa Indah Swimming Pool is located in the Kembangan area, West Newsdelivers.com, Bunda. Here, Mother can invite your Little One to have fun by playing with water.

Taman Alfa Indah Swimming Pool has two types of swimming pools with different depths. No need to worry, this one swimming spot has complete facilities such as a place to change clothes and a prayer room.

Entrance ticket to Alfa Indah garden swimming pool, Newsdelivers.com:

Entrance tickets for Taman Alfa Indah Swimming Pool are very affordable, Mother. For weekdays, the fee is around IDR 22,000, while holidays are priced at IDR 26,000.

7. Atlantis Water Adventures

Atlantis Water Adventures is a thematic water recreation park with the concept of ancient civilizations and cities in the Mediterranean region, Mother. This swimming pool, which is located in Ancol, North Newsdelivers.com, will invite Mothers and Little Ones to have an adventure while playing in the water.

There are many rides that can be enjoyed at Atlantis Water Adventures. Starting from rotating slides, water barrels, sky boxes, dragon slides, to wave pools.

Entrance ticket:

Mothers and Little Ones can go on an adventure at Atlantis Water Adventures by buying a ticket of around IDR 55,000 per person on weekdays and IDR 85,000 on holidays.

8. Palm Bay Water Park

Palm Bay Water Park is located in the Kalideres area, West Newsdelivers.com. Palm Bay Water Park can be a fun vacation option with your little one and family.

The rides that can be found at Palm Bay Water Park also vary, Mother. These include spiral water sliders, rainbow water sliders, children’s play pools, and wave pools.

Entrance ticket:

If you want to visit Palm Bay Water Park, you can pay a ticket of IDR 45,000 for children and IDR 50,000 for adults on weekdays. On holidays, adults will be charged around IDR 60,000.

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