11 The sudden moment of Ria Ricis’s child site, baby Moana fell asleep in the middle of the event

Brilio.net – At the age of 7 months, YouTuber Ria Ricis held a traditional Tedak Siten event for his first child Cut Raifa Aramoana or better known as baby Moana. The Tedak Siten program will be held on Sunday 19 March 2023 at 14.00 WIB and broadcast live via one of the private television stations in Indonesia.

Tedak siten is an event in the Javanese cultural tradition which is carried out when new children learn to walk or set their feet on the ground for the first time. Tedak siten is usually held when the child is seven or eight months old. The series of processions that children go through in this tradition are philosophically considered to be a picture of the child’s future.

Ria Ricis held Tedak Siten because her late father was still of Javanese descent. Apart from that, Oki Setiana Dewi’s younger sister also admitted that when she was a baby she had experienced this tradition.

“My dad is from Brebes, so we took one of the cultures from dad,” said Ria Ricis.

“When I was a baby, I also digitized (Tedak Siten), he continued.

The Tedak Siten event went well, even though baby Moana fell asleep in the middle of the event. So the event was briefly stopped until baby Moana woke up.

Here are 11 moments when baby Moana, Ria Ricis’ child, underwent the traditional Tedak Siten procession, summarized by brilio.net from various sources on Sunday (19/3).


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