Zoomcar Introduces Car Rental Services through an Application, Monitored by Satellite


Zoomcar is a liaison platform between vehicle owners/renters and tenants through an application. Photo: Zoomcar doc

JAKARTA – The new startup Zoomcar is trying to change the way people rent cars, just like when they order transportation online. What’s more interesting, rental cars can be taken outside the city, without a deposit, keyless, and contactless. How to?

Zoomcar is an origin company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. They have been operating since 2013, which means their business model has been proven to be “resilient”. In fact, the startup is actively expanding. Currently they have a fleet of 20,000 cars, operating in 50 cities in India, Vietnam and Egypt.

In Indonesia, Zoomcar has been operating since March 2022. Currently their service is only available in Greater Jakarta and will soon be followed by other cities.

Zoomcar’s business model is more of a “platform” that bridges rental entrepreneurs or vehicle owners called “hosts” to rent their cars safely and easily so as to get additional passive income. The tenants are called “Guest”.

Apparently, Zoomcar wants to democratize car rental services.

Zoomcar Indonesia Country Head Delly Nugraha said, Zoomcar has more than 250 fleets in collaboration with vehicle owners or host partners.

“Apart from relying on ordering through the application, satellite-based monitoring technology will follow wherever the car goes. There is also insurance that protects the vehicle and its tenants,” explained Delly.

Interestingly, Delly said that Guest and Host can transact without having to meet face to face.

“Tenants can take the car that is determined by the Host, the rates are based on the duration of use and the type of car. Everything can be agreed online through the Zoomcar application,” he said.

Zoomcar Introduces Car Rental Services through an Application, Monitored by Satellite
Delly said that the car that was rented could be arranged for pick-up depending on the choice of location given by the host to the tenant without the need for face-to-face meetings, then activate the car through the application.

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