Wow, Rayyanza was like this when participating in the shooting of Nagita Slavina’s endorsement, making netizens angry

Wow, Rayyanza was like this when participating in the shooting of Nagita Slavina's endorsement, making netizens angry

Portrait of Rayyanza Malik Ahmad and his mother, Nagita Slavina (Gigi), Rayyanza when he joined the shooting endorsed by his mother (Photo: Instagram – @raffinagita1717/) – Wow, it turns out that Rayyanza actually did this while participating in the shooting of his mother’s endorsement, Nagita Slavina, which provoked reactions from netizens, Saturday (18/3/2023).

Rayyanza Malik Ahmad is the son of the famous celebrity couple, Nagita Slavina (Gigi) and Raffi Ahmad.

Rayyanza or who is familiarly called “Cipung” was born in November 2021, he is the younger brother of Rafathar Malik Ahmad.

Rayyanza has recently been in the spotlight of netizens because of his exasperated behavior. An adorable cipung video is circulating when it is taken for a trip to Japan.

Rayyanza looked very excited when he was carried in a baby carriage, he looked and looked here and there because of his high curiosity about the Japanese environment.

Then, Rayyanza was taken to a Japanese restaurant. He was carried by ART. Then he showed his adorable face to the camera.

Rayyanza also often annoys netizens as if they want to pinch him from afar, namely when he often takes part in shootings endorsed by his mother. Rayyanza looks happy dancing and hugging his mother (Gigi).

Suddenly, this made netizens excited and supported Rayyanza to continue participating in endorsements.

“Oh my God, Rayyanza has worked hard since he was a baby for advertisements and content. The spirit of Rayyanza cipung is to work hard so that there will be a lot of savings, “said one netizen.

“I’ll watch the ad for just one year,” said another netizen on the RaffiNagita account.

Rayyanza now has an Instagram account in the name of @Rayyanza Malik Ahmad official. Recently, Rayyanza’s Instagram account has reached 79 thousand followers.

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