Wow! 17 Students Arrested by Police Positive for Synthetic Tobacco

PURWASUKA – A total of 17 high school (SMA) students in West Bandung Regency tested positive for consuming synthetic tobacco-type narcotics.

This was revealed by the Head of the Cimahi Police Narcotics Research Unit, AKP Kusmawan. He explained, previously there were 38 people who were arrested for consuming narcotics.

He continued, 17 of them were minors who were high school level students at a high school in West Bandung Regency.

“From that case, there were three hand-rolled (synthetic tobacco) pieces of evidence, but the 17 students were all in the category of abusers,” he said on Friday, March 17, 2023.

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This case stems from reports from the public who are concerned that a number of students are consuming narcotics. Then an investigation was carried out until the arrest of 38 people on Monday, March 13, 2023 in various places.

After conducting urine tests on 38 people, the results were positive for consuming narcotics.

The perpetrators who were arrested, he said, admitted to getting the prohibited items from online sales. Then according to him it was known that of the 38 people who were secured, 17 people were students, most of whom were students from SMAN 1 Lembang.

“There are students in grade 2 and grade 3 of high school. The majority of SMAN 1 Lembang, so 17 students are also mixed, not all of them are from the same school,” Kusmawan said, as quoted from Antara.

After knowing that the 17 people were students, Kusmawan said that his party immediately coordinated with their respective parents.

Because the 17 students were abusers, according to him, they were referred for rehabilitation. His party has also coordinated with the school to notify if the student will be rehabilitated.

“So of the 38, 17 are students, and the rest are unemployed and ordinary civilians. All of them are men,” concluded Kusmawan.


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