Winner of the Baby Crawling, Kids Dance & Singing Contest at LazMall Daily BundaFest 2023 –

The second day of LazMall Daily BundaFest 2023 was lively and full of joy on Saturday (18/3/23). The excitement of the whole series of events on the second day was felt at the peak of the announcement of the competition, Mother.

The event, which was held at the Grand Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka, South, invited visitors to take part in various competitions on the second day. There were three exciting contests that Mothers and Little Ones participated in.

The Baby Crawling Competition is intended for Little Ones who are honing the coordination of the right and left brain in the crawling phase. There were 28 Little One participants competing to approach their Mother at the finish line. Here are the winners:



List of winners of the Baby Crawling Contest

1st place: Participant number 010 Qianzy and mother 2nd place: Participant number 021 Ganesh and mother 3rd place: Participant number 025 Farhana and mother

Happy smiles appeared on the faces of the three winners when they went on stage, “I know this competition is from the WA HaiBunda group. I really want to pass on my child’s hobby, he just happens to like crawling again. Thank God it went smoothly even though it was lagging in the middle at first. But finally happy It’s not in vain,” said Bella, Qianzy’s mother who won first prize.

Excitement was also felt at the Kids Dance Competition moment. The little ones who have a hobby of dancing from an early age show off their talents in front of the judges and visitors. With expressive facial expressions, they danced to the song Suddenly by Quinn Salman.

This competition was attended by 16 children aged 4-8 years who displayed their dancing talents in front of many people. Participants are judged on their dance, costumes, and facial expressions.

“Don’t forget to smile, keep your spirits up and don’t hesitate to move,” said mom-fluencer Siti Hajar Riska as the judge of the Kids Dance Competition.

List of winners of the Kids Dance Competition

1st place: Participants number 013 Dhea and Bujda Meri Mediana 2nd place: Participants number 012 Raynelle and Bunda Laurenti 3rd place: Participants number 005 Hawa and Bunda Mariska

No less interesting, the Mother and Little One Singing Contest also added to the excitement of the second day of LazMall Daily BundaFest 2023. Mother and Little One shared their love by appearing together in singing a song on stage. Here are the winners:

List of winners of Mother and Little Singing Contest

1st place: Participants number 005 Afsheena and Mother Irma Safitri 2nd place: Participants number 008 Kylie and Mother Yuliana 3rd place: Participants number 007 Dhea and Meri Mediana

The three main winners of each competition won millions of rupiah in cash, trophies and goodie bags. The first winner gets Rp. 2 million, the second winner gets Rp. 1.5 million, and the third winner gets Rp. 1 million. Wow.. congrats!

Apart from the three competitions above, the celebration of the second day of LazMall Daily BundaFest 2023 was also enlivened by a series of exciting events. Midwife Jamilatus Sa’diyah invites mothers to an informative talk show about comfortable diapers for babies. Then, there is celebrity mom Tasya Kamila who shares stories about current baby products.

In the afternoon, visitors also took part in the BaLiTa Performance & Meet and Greet excitement. Then at the end of the event, the excitement of Day 2 LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 was closed with the appearance of guest star Quinn Salman.

It doesn’t stop there, the fun will continue on the third day of LazMall Daily BundaFest 2023 which will take place tomorrow, Sunday (19/3/23). There will be a Fashion Show Contest as a place to show the cohesiveness of Mother and Little One who is fashionable.

This event is free and open to the public. Visitors can visit the playground area for the Little Ones, expos, talk shows, and special performances from artists. Don’t miss it!

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Check out the excitement of the second day of Bundafest in the video below:


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