When will Doomsday Happen? Mbah Moen Said If No One Has Been Doing This

SuaraBandung.id – Mbah Moen gave a message about the end of the world in his lecture.

KH. Maimoen Zubair, who is better known as Mbah Moen, often gives messages that make the congregation increase in their faith and piety.

Mbah Moen said that basically, there are two doomsdays, namely the Sugra and Kubra doomsdays.

Sugra Doomsday is the death of every animate creature.

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Meanwhile, Kubra’s apocalypse is a great apocalypse that will destroy the universe and its contents

Quoted from the ppalanwarsarang Youtube channel on Friday (17/3/2023), Mbah Moen revealed when the apocalypse would occur.

Mbah Moen further emphasized that the end of the world would occur, if all creatures on earth no longer dhikr to Allah SWT.

“The Doomsday will not occur while there are still people in this world who recite dhikr,” said Mbah Moen

Mbah Moen said that this dhikr is inseparable from knowing Allah as the creator.

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“There will be no escape from dhikr to know Allah,” he said.

Even so, Mbah Moen emphasized that the apocalypse would occur if His servant no longer wanted to know Allah through dhikr. (*/Alina)

Source: Youtube planwarsarang


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