Viral Video of Al-Quran Burned by Uniformed Ukrainian Soldiers, Muslims of the World Are Angry


Soldiers in Ukrainian uniforms burn Korans. Photo/youtube/tiktok/bf

KIEV – A viral video on social media showing the Koran being burned by a person wearing a Ukrainian army uniform has angered Muslims around the world.

Many figures also criticized the burning of the Koran. Leaders called this action very dangerous and could drag the Ukrainian war into a religious war.

Sheikh Abdullah Jabriri, general secretary of the Lebanese Ummah Movement condemned the desecration. According to him, it was an attempt to turn the Ukrainian war into a religious war.

In a report reported by the International Quran News Agency, Sheikh Abdullah Jabiri equated the move with an Israeli Zionist attack on religious holy places.

He asserted, “The leader of Ukraine should give an explanation and apologize to Muslims.”

He went on to say Muslim organizations, the Arab League and human rights organizations should take a clear stand against such crimes.

Director of the media and documents office of Algeria’s Supreme Islamic Council Muhammad al-Baghdad also condemned the burning of the Korans.

He described it as a serious violation of the values ​​and criteria for respecting the sanctity of various religions and cultures.

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