Uploading a photo together with President Jokowi, Andre Taulany Suggests Support for Three Periods?

Comedian Andre Taulany uploaded a photo with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). He regretted the end of the position of the number one person in Indonesia.

Andre seemed to give a code that he wanted Jokowi to continue for his third term as President of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the photo, President Jokowi can be seen wearing a white shirt, while Andre is wearing a complete suit with a red tie.

“It’s a shame Mr. @jokowi only has 2 periods, what if …. ????,” Andry wrote on social media Instagram, quoted on Thursday (18/3/2023).

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Seeing the upload, the public was shocked. Various comments were given by netizens.

“I support Jokowi… but not for 3 consecutive periods… It’s better to give another chance… especially those who claim they can work better… so that you can see the difference in their performance… Then Pak Jokowi goes up a grade, holds a position that even more worldwide. Great, “wrote netizens.

“You don’t have to play politics, it’s already good for jokes,” netizens wrote.

“Enough of the decline of our country, bro, don’t let it continue,” netizens wrote.

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