Tips and Tricks for Smooth Skin for Men a la Niall Horan – Niall Horan has just revealed the secret to his smooth skin on the Vogue YouTube channel.

On Wednesday (15/03/2023), Niall Horan demonstrated a routine for using facial care products in the morning.

According to Niall, keeping the skin clean is a must so that facial skin is always healthy and protected from acne.

Moreover, Niall admits that he often uses make-up.

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“Within a year I can have several breakouts at work, because I often travel by plane all the time and wear make-up a lot, so I have to remove it every day,” said Niall.

First of all, Niall exfoliates his face to remove dead skin cells and adhering dirt.

Next, Niall Horan uses an eye mask to remove eye bags and make his face look fresher.

Using a facial massager, Niall then massages his jaw and forehead so that his face shape is more symmetrical.

He also uses the facial massager so that the exfoliating products he uses absorb better into the skin.

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Then to make his skin well hydrated, Niall Horan uses a hydrating serum and uses olive oil on his face.

Don’t forget that Niall also uses a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and provides a special serum to his eyes so that his skin is evenly healthy and fresh.

The last step, which according to her is the most important in her skincare routine, is using sunscreen.

Those are some of Niall Horan’s smooth skin tips and tricks, I hope they’re useful!

Source: Vogue YouTube channel


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