The story of Susilawati Azhari breaking up with love has gone viral through the Death Pin Dance, Insertlive –

The name Susilawati Azhar has recently been in the public spotlight after being viral in the death clip dance content.

In content on social media, Susilawati presents cool dancing without a concept.

“People say the jellyfish dance is because they don’t know what to dance as long as there is music, they just shake. At first it was a death-pinch dance. So, if you say it’s a syndrome, it’s not,” said Susilawati Azhari when met by InsertLive in, Friday (17/3 ).

“If you ask me, I’m not really embarrassed, because my veins are too small,” he continued, laughing.

From her story, Susilawati admitted that her virality started with a breakup.

“Yes, he made dancing after a breakup, at first he was hard-hearted, now he is soft and has moved on because he is happy with his choice,” he explained.

“(The former) never had contact when it went viral, I don’t think I want to know anymore because we both have our own way of life,” he continued.

Susilawati AzhariSusilawati Azhari/ Photo: InsertLive

Going viral, Susilawati admitted that she had been reprimanded by her family for being embarrassed.

“At first my family said I was embarrassed because I was dancing like that. It’s just because I’m happy, after a while, people at home are just normal,” he explained.

“To be honest, I’m happy that it can go viral as a door of sustenance for me and all,” he concluded.


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