The story of Irfan Hakim’s panic when the princess fell from the horse – Irfan Hakim fully supports when his daughter, Aisha Hakim has a love for equestrian sports. As a form of support for Aisha’s hobby, Irfan also bought everything she needed to support her daughter’s hobby, including expensive horses.

However, Irfan was panicked when Aisha fell from a horse while participating in the National Championship. What’s more, falling from a horse carries the risk of serious injury.

Aisha Hakim with her favorite horse. [Instagram]Aisha Hakim with her favorite horse. [Instagram]

“She (Aisha) is currently very fond of riding. She has been practicing a lot, but when she joined the National Championships, she fell,” Irfan said with a sad face.

When he found out that Aisha had fallen from a horse, Irfan Hakim immediately had bad thoughts. “It was a shock. Moreover, they had to be supported using wood before being taken to the hospital,” said the 47-year-old presenter.

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Anton Pratama, who is Kezillaz’s Marketing Manager as well as a practitioner in the world of horse riding, when he saw the video of Aisha Hakim falling from a horse, was worried that the girl wearing the hijab would be seriously injured.

Aisha Judge [Instagram]Aisha Judge [Instagram]

“Certainly it hurt, even though it wasn’t at the location at the time of the incident, and I suspect that something broke right away. Looking at the videos circulating, I seem to be able to feel the pain,” added Anton.

But fortunately Aisha Hakim was not seriously injured. Aisha did feel unable to move for four hours. But when asked how the pain was, Aisha even joked.

“It hurts, I couldn’t even move for four hours. But this is better than a broken heart,” said Aisha jokingly.

Even though he is grateful that Aisha did not suffer serious injuries, Irfan Hakim does not want the same incident to happen again. The host of Family 100 also gave a gift in the form of horse riding equipment for Aisha Hakim.

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“Here is a gift in the form of horse riding equipment from Uncle Anton Kezillaz. I hope you are happy and can return to riding soon,” said Irfan Hakim.

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