The Story of Former SPG Accepted by 8 Prestigious American Campuses, Used to Borrow Money, Humiliated by Family –

Not long ago, the figure of a beautiful woman named Irawati Puteri went viral on social media. Not without reason, Ira became a hot topic of conversation because she was successfully accepted by Stanford University to continue her Masters level.

Ira took part in the LPDP scholarship program and enrolled in several campuses. About 8 campuses in the United States accept Ira as a prospective student. However. Ira decided to choose Stanford University.

“My scholarship was LPDP but I was accepted at Stanford. So when I was at LPDP I got 3 campuses, Harvard, IEL, and Stanford,” he was quoted as saying on the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel, Saturday (18/3/2023).



“Then I applied to several other campuses including Stanford, Columbia, NYU, and several campuses have replied back that they accepted me including Stanford, I took Stanford,” he continued.

Ira herself took the 2023-2024 Master in International Education Policy Analysis program. This is a field that studies education policy around the world and he wants to implement in Indonesia.

“He studied education policies around the world, and then I wanted to implement them in Indonesia because education helped me a lot,” he said.

Become the backbone at the age of 15 years

When she received the email from Stanford, Ira immediately remembered her struggles in earning money for her family and her younger siblings, Bunda. He even claimed to have been the backbone of the family since he was 15 years old.

“So I have been the backbone of the family since I was 15 or 16 years old. My father and mother really couldn’t afford it because their education level happened to be very low. My father was an orphan from a young age, and my mother was from the village. My mother is from Cipanas, Sundanese,” he said.

Ira said that her mother had also worked as a SPG shirt when she migrated to the city. Meanwhile, his father is always looked down upon by his family because he has no parents.

“My mother used to migrate because when she was in high school she had to sacrifice her school for her younger siblings to be able to go to school as a teacher. Then my mother worked as a T-shirt SPG too. Because my mother was beautiful, she was around my height,” he explained.

“Then because my father was orphaned when he was young, his family looked down on him. When told, it was very sad,” continued Ira.

Before continuing her master’s degree, it turned out that Ira was a graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, Bunda. What’s the story like?

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