The old house that has been empty for 35 years has been made over into an aesthetic cafe, making you feel at home hanging out for a long time – Recently, coffee shops have become one of the FnB businesses that have attracted the attention of many business people. For the sake of establishing an aesthetic cafe, usually business people are looking for a strategic place. Not only that, they are also willing to build new buildings with interesting concepts and interiors.

However, this is different from one FnB entrepreneur named Haidhar Wurjanto. This man, who is a well-known FnB entrepreneur in Indonesia, chose to remodel an old house in the Tulungagung area, East Java. Through his TikTok account, Haidhar shows the process of renovating an old house that has been empty for 35 years to become an aesthetic cafe.

He also shared the appearance of the old house before the makeover. In the video, it can be seen that the house looks old and not maintained. The paint is no longer clear in its original color, some of the tiles are missing, and many wild plants are left to grow in the yard. The inside of the house also looks dirty and many items are no longer used.

make over an old house into a cafe © Tiktok

photo: Tiktok/@haidharwurjanto


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