The funny story of Arumi Bachsin’s daughter doesn’t know her father is an official, confused that her parents are famous –

Arumi Bachsin is one of the celebrities who became the wife of an official. The husband, Emil Elestianto Dardak, is carrying out his duties as Deputy Governor of East Java.

The woman who was born in 29 years ago is in the middle of a vacuum from the Indonesian entertainment world. Now, she is busy accompanying her husband as a servant of the state and living in Surabaya.

Some time ago, Arumi Bachsin spoke about family, especially her children, Mother. On this occasion, he mentioned the talents of his two children.



Apparently, Arumi saw that his son had the right talent if he wanted to enter the world of entertainment like him. It’s just that, he assesses that readiness does not yet exist because they are still shy.

Seeing this potential, he admitted that he could only provide support. The rest, let the child develop these abilities without any parental intervention.

“As for me, what do their children want? What do you want to be as long as everything is positive, it’s the parents’ job to support it. Because if it’s from parents dictating their children, they’re afraid they won’t be optimal,” he said, quoted from the insertlive YouTube channel.

On the other hand, Arumi apparently never showed his work to children when he was still active in the entertainment world, Mother. He even admits that children often ask why their mother is famous.

“I’m embarrassed. Usually I ask my grandmother or nanny (nanny), ‘How come Mama knows so many?’, that’s it,” that’s it.

It’s okay, Arumi doesn’t want her background, which was once a celebrity, to become a benchmark for her child to follow her mother. Therefore, he tried to hide it and hoped that his son would find talent purely.

“Because I don’t want it to be too much (showing entertainers). If you really find your own (talent), that’s fine. I don’t want it (the experience of being a celebrity) to be too much of a benchmark like that.”

“I’m afraid it will become his benchmark, while he has his own potential, so it’s better if he develops naturally,” he continued.

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