The female model posing with Gusti Randa has been on soap operas for 30 years, take a peek at her 11 transformations – In the 80s to 90s, magazines were still the most popular source of entertainment for the public. The reason is, they can get photos of their idol artists to cut out and stick in the cupboard as a memento. Not only that, magazines are also the first step for celebrities to pursue a career in the world of entertainment.

One of them is like Gusti Randa, whose appearance often appeared in various magazines when he was young. Not alone, Gusti Randa usually appears with several beautiful models when she becomes a magazine cover or model. One of them is a female model with long hair with a sweet smile on this one.

She appeared with Gusti Randa when she became a model for the Girl magazine which was published in 1996. Now this female model figure still exists in the entertainment world, you know. In fact, he was also dubbed the queen of soap operas. What is the portrait like from then to now?

Let’s take a peek at the 11 model transformations with Gusti Randa, which has collected from various sources on Saturday (18/3).


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