The excitement of the Second Day of LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023, Excited Competition & Quinn Salman –

The LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 series of events took place lively on the second day. The joy of Mother and Little One enlivened the atmosphere of Grand Atrium Mall Kota Kasablanka, South on Saturday (18/3/23).

This second day of celebration is filled with a variety of exciting competitions that test the cohesiveness of the Little One and the Mother. The event opened at 11.00 WIB with a Baby Crawling Contest.

Participants consisting of babies aged 7-15 months competed to reach the finish line with great enthusiasm. This activity can train the coordination of the right and left brains of your little one in the crawling phase, you know.



In the following session, the visitors had the opportunity to take part in an informative talkshow session with Midwife Jamilatus Sa’diyah and MamyPoko about the Mandatory Nature of Diapers to Make them Comfortable for Babies. The woman who is familiarly called Midwife Mila shared tips for choosing disposable diapers.

“Organic diapers are good, especially for the parts that directly touch the baby’s skin. Then, if possible, the ingredients for the diapers are less chemical or the safest are organic because they are non-chemical,” said Midwife Mila.

The fun continued in the Kids Dance Competition moment. The little ones who had a hobby of dancing from an early age showed off their talents in front of the judges and visitors. They danced to the sudden strains of the song popularized by Quinn Salman.

This competition was attended by 16 male and female participants aged 4-8 years. They move very energetically. There are also those who are still shy, Mother.

Visitors were even more enthusiastic when celebrity mom Tasya Kamila was present to fill in a talk show themed Contemporary Products that New Mothers Must Follow with Johnson & Johnson. In the session, Tasya shared stories about bonding moments when bathing children.

“Bathing is a moment that I really have to be hands on because I can bond with him, I can watch his body in detail from head to toe. I want to remember that he is not always small, he will also grow, so I want to cherish this moment, I feel like I want to freeze,” said Tasya Kamila.

Tasya Kamila at LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023Tasya Kamila at LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023/ Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

Entering the afternoon, joy was felt when three BaLiTa characters greeted Little One. Baba, Lili and Tata shared the fun with 20 lucky people through Meet and Greet sessions and group photos.

There is still the next competition that is no less exciting. Mothers show solidarity with their children through the Mother and Little Singing Contest. The competition this time featured a collaboration of the golden voices of Mother and Little One who sang a free song on stage.

Towards the climax of the event, LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 was enlivened by Quinn Salman. The 13-year-old girl invited the audience to sing four of her viral songs. Quinn also distributed autographed sticker gifts for the little ones.

“My name is Quinn Salman. We want to have fun together. Let’s sing together. I want to teach you the Best Friend song first. ‘Like to be angry, like to be cranky, like to be nosy, sometimes like to be annoying’. You shout, ‘That’s great!’ Faster!” he shouted to the audience.

Quinn Salman at LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023Quinn Salman at LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023/Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived. The announcement of the second day of the LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 competition drew happy faces from the winners. The three main winners of each competition won millions of rupiah in cash.

The first winner gets Rp. 2 million, the second winner gets Rp. 1.5 million, and the third winner gets Rp. 1 million. They also took home a trophy and a goodie bag.

It doesn’t stop there, the fun will continue on the third day of LazMall Daily Bunda Fest 2023 which will be held on Sunday (19/3/23). There will be a Fashion Show Contest as a place to show the cohesiveness of Mother and Little One who is fashionable. Apart from that, there was also a special appearance from Dikta.

This event is free and open to the public. Visitors can visit the playground area for the Little Ones, hunt for door prizes, and take part in various talk shows with exciting speakers. Keep following the festivities until the end, Mother!


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