The Crazy Life of Jeff Molina Outspoken Bisexual, Dating Women All His Life


The Crazy Life of Jeff Molina Outspoken Bisexual, Dating Women All His Life/The Sun

The crazy life of Jeff Molina has outspoken himself that he is bisexual in an emotional letter to his fans. Jeff Molina also pleaded with fighters and fans not to treat him any differently.

The flyweight UFC fighter begged people not to treat him differently after he revealed this in a statement. He posted on Twitter: “I’ve been trying to keep my love life private off social media.”

“I’ve dated a lot of women throughout my life and harbored the feelings I had throughout high school while on the wrestling team, while in college pursuing MMA, and even after realizing some of my dreams and getting into the UFC.”

“I’m a pretty masculine guy and my bro-y sense of humor and great sense of humor have always been my trademark. Imagining my friends, teammates and people I respect look at me differently, let alone treat me in a different way. being different, is something I have no control over.”

“I want to be known for what I am capable of and what I have dedicated myself to for the last 11 years of my life and not as a ‘doubles UFC fighter’ which I believe will translate to ‘gay UFC fighter’. In the end, I know character, morals and who me as a person. As much as I’m hated/scorned, I get the same amount of support & it means a lot.”

Molina has previously been attacked by diehard fans after showing his support during a month of pride. The 25-year-old fighter was told he will “burn in hell” after revealing that he would be wearing a rainbow-colored outfit to his UFC Vegas 56 win over Zhalgas Zhumagulov last summer.

The American fighter has been in the UFC since 2017 and has won 11 of his 13 fights, his last loss coming against Nate Smith more than five years ago, but since then he has maintained a winning streak at flyweight. The win over Zhumagulov was his 10th in a row and he hopes to get his shot at a title shot soon.


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