The Beauty of Sustainable Citra Flowers! Wear Thin and Sexy Clothes at Nightclubs – BCL looks very beautiful when she wears thin and sexy clothes in nightclubs.

Recently, many people’s attention was focused on Bunga Citra Lestari after she appeared at a nightclub some time ago.

The appearance that night was very beautiful and stunning by using a thin black tanktop. BCL emanated a sexy impression at the nightclub.

Quoted from her personal Instagram post on Saturday (18/3/2023), the mother of one child looked very energetic when she appeared to sing with Diskoria Selekta.

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BCL is known for having a fashionable and trendy style. BCL’s clothing style, which is sometimes eccentric, actually makes him even cooler.

At the beginning of the video, BCL is seen wearing a black lace tank top that is open, and is being held by the shoulders by a bald man.

After that, Noah Sinclair’s mother sang along with Laleilmanino and Diskoria Selekta. BCL, who is said to have a close relationship with Ariel NOAH, sang the song Hurricane Has Passed.

The post invited funny comments from netizens.

“Wrong focus with that bald man,” said @sukrixxx.

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