Surya Sahetapi Dewi Yull’s Son Becomes a Teacher in America, Mother Gives Expressions of Proud and Haru –

Senior actress and singer, Dewi Yull, expressed her pride for her child, Panji Surya Putra Sahetapy. Not without reason, Surya managed to become an American history teacher at a high school in America, Bunda.

This was revealed directly by Dewi on her Instagram page. He uploaded a self-portrait of his child which also contains an explanation of his position.

“Thank God my son @suryasahetapy has become an American history teacher at an American high school (SMA). California School for the Deaf, Fremont,” he said as quoted from the @dewiyullofficial account, Saturday (18/3/2023).



Dewi Yull was proud when her child became a teacher in AmericaDewi Yull was proud when her child became a teacher in America/ Photo: Instagram: @dewiyullofficial

Not only that, Dewi also revealed that everything achieved is meaningless without the power of Allah SWT.

“There is no power and effort except with the power of God, the Most High and Great,” said Dewi.

Prayers and sayings from netizens

Apart from Dewi Yull, several other fellow artists and netizens are also proud of the achievements of Surya, Bunda. Not a few of them were touched and gave prayers to this 29 year old man.

“MasyaAllah. It’s great that @suryasahetapy is a teacher. Mother is moved,” said Yuni Shara.

“Surya is really cool. Masya Allah Ma’am. Salute to his mother who raised and educated him,” said Artika Sari Devi.

“MasyaAllah congratulations to Mas @suryasahetapy it’s great to be a teacher in America, I hope you are always healthy, more successful, a pious child, the pride of Mother Dewi,” said another netizen.

Surya himself is known to have been diagnosed with writing since he was a child, Mother. However, this did not prevent him from achieving his dream.

Not only that, Surya is also called a deaf activist and sign language interpreter, you know. Are you still curious about Surya’s figure? Read more on the next page, come on!

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