South Korea and the US Hold Massive Amphibious Exercises, First Time Since 2018


South Korean and US troops hold war games in Pohang, South Korea, March 12, 2016. Photo/REUTERS

SEOUL – South Korea (South Korea) and the United States (US) will hold the Ssangyong amphibious exercise from March 20 to April 3.

The drills were held after a five-year hiatus, as part of their allies’ field drills, according to a South Korean news agency report, citing military officials.

“The upcoming drills will demonstrate the South Korea-US alliance’s will to achieve ‘peace through strength,’ and we will further strengthen the combined defense posture to defend South Korea,” said South Korean Marine Corps Commander Lieutenant General Kim Gye-hwan, as quoted. Yonhap.

“In addition, around 40 British marines will be participating in this year’s exercise,” a military official told the news outlet.

He added militaries from Australia, France and the Philippines would observe the exercise.

Exercise Ssangyong will take place 272 kilometers southeast of Seoul. “As part of the exercise, the allies will mobilize a division-level amphibious landing force, 30 ships, including allied amphibious assault ships, 70 aircraft, such as F-35B fighters and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, and approximately 50 amphibious assault vehicles,” the statement said. the news agency.

The drills will take place despite objections from North Korea, which has repeatedly warned allies against establishing a military presence near the Korean peninsula.

Pyongyang also criticized joint US-South Korean drills as preparations for an invasion. Last week, North Korea said the continuation of Washington’s “hostile practices”, including possible military exercises and strategic weapons deployments on the Korean peninsula, could be considered a “declaration of war”.


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