So a dream place, Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar designed a villa in Bali according to personality – Since coming out as the winner of the first season of Dangdut Academy, Lesty Kejora’s name as a new star has soared higher. He is invited to many television shows, appears on YouTube, and fills many shows both on air and off air. It was from here that Lesty Kejora’s money was collected.

Economically, Lesty managed to elevate herself and her parents. From a simple life in his hometown in Cianjur, to living in a large and luxurious villa in the capital city. After becoming a successful young singer, Lesty then married Rizky Billar, the husband she met when they were both just married to the person they once loved.

Even though there were many storms when Lesty and Rizky Billar were married, their lives continued. These two artists are currently building their dream villa in Canggu, Bali.

Lesty villa design in bali © Instagram

Lesty’s villa design in Bali-Instagram/@zackraj

Faraj Achmad Mahfud is an architect who is trusted by Lesty and Billar to work together on the artist’s dream villa project. This house is named as “shady villa”. To design the building, Faraj Achmad first needs to make observations and surveys.

The observation was through interviews conducted with the prospective occupants, in this case Lesty and Billar. In order to inspire Faraj in designing, he met the couple in person to ask a number of questions.

Lesty villa design in bali © Instagram

Lesty’s villa design in Bali – Instagram/@zackraj

For example, hobbies, preferences, favorite colors, even down to each other’s personality. The heavy accents in this villa are all about lines. As stated by Faraj in the description of his Instagram post.

“One of my recent projects is all about line. I wanted to create rhythm and movement throughout a space, using lines to draw attention into and around a room,” wrote Faraj as quoted from Instagram @zackraj, Saturday (18/3).


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