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Greetings ‘How are you’ we usually say when meeting people who have not met for a long time. In fact, after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world the words ‘How are you’ are no longer just pleasantries, Mother. Almost all of us want to know the real news of the other person.

However, talking about greetings is not just plain pleasantries, you know. There are small talk materials that make people look smarter or smarter.

A researcher from Harvard said, ‘How are you’ rated as the most useless pleasantries in the world of communication. Then, how do you start a conversation without being awkward?



According to Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, a firm that handles management consulting, there are ways to start communicating with someone to make them look smarter. In fact, these methods are widely practiced by successful people, Mother.

Small talk to make it look fuller

Try one of the methods below:

1. Try to say hello using the ACT technique

A person’s pleasantries will be more impressed and meaningful if they meet the criteria of ACT or Authenticity, Connection, Topic.

One example, Mother can ask about the activities of the other person. “What are your plans for this week.” Another time, Mom can start the conversation by saying, “You remind me of a celebrity, who is that?”

2. Be aware of your surroundings

Before starting a conversation, it’s important to look at the surrounding conditions or understand the conditions, Mother. This will help you get a more connected conversation with the other person.

For example:

A: Wow, there are decorative plants on your desk, Mother. Do you like ornamental plants?

3. Avoid boring monotonous conversations

When you don’t feel close to someone, you tend to make small talk as necessary. It’s best to avoid monotonous conversations like this because it will make you seem boring.

Try to greet him with a more personal greeting. Like the following example:

A. “Wow, you like Korean dramas, there are lots of photos of Gong Yoo.”
B. “Yeah, I really liked it since watching the first drama”


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