Scene in bed, Asib Ali is being chased by netizens so they want this woman? – Even though the case with Syarifah is not over yet, it seems Asib Ali is enjoying his fame in the world of entertainment in the country.

After being uploaded several times in Akash Elahi’s content, Asib Ali is now starting to upload his activities on social media.

Until it was revealed that Asib Ali’s activities with a woman in sexy clothes were lying on this bed.

Apparently, Asib Ali making out with the woman in bed was done just for the purposes of filming.

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This was revealed by Akash Elahi about Asib Ali who was acting in bed.

He said that when uploading the video, many did not agree when Asib Ali had a scene with this sexy woman.

Akash Elahi said that the scene was only for the purpose of the video clip on YouTube and the song was already there.

¨That’s a video clip for YouTube, the song is already on YouTube, that’s a really sad story,¨ Akash was quoted as saying on Asib Ali Fanbase’s YouTube channel (18/3/23).

¨It wasn’t very intimate, it really looks like what we uploaded but the story is very different,¨ continued Akash.

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