Russia, Iran and China Train Together to Destroy Pirates


Russia, Iran and China held joint drills. Russian photo/camp

TEHRAN – The navies of Russia, Iran and China showcased their military prowess and ability to act together in a large-scale drill held Thursday to Saturday (18/3/2023).

Footage from the “Sea Security Belt” exercise shows warships from the three countries conducting joint maneuvers, engaging in simulating hostile naval and air targets, and carrying out a commando raid on a pair of cargo ships taken over by simulated pirates.

The last operation was overseen by the commando destroyer Iran Sahand, and saw commandos boarding the hijacked ship from skiffs and by rappelling from helicopters.

“Today we have successfully carried out joint tactical and operational exercises in this exercise. In addition to joint operations, tactical training and other planned activities, we have conducted day and night shooting drills, PHOTOEX and communications training. We have perfect synergy in conducting joint exercises with Russia and China,” Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajeddini, the spokesperson for the drills told Iranian media.

“Conducting these maritime exercises with other world powers shows the Islamic Republic of Iran has the ability to synergize forces to harmonize and use this capability to ensure maritime security,” Mohammad Nozari, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Naval base in Chabahar, said of the drills.

The drills concluded Saturday with a parade featuring Iranian Navy and Revolutionary Guards Navy ships, Russian and Chinese warships in front of the Iranian destroyer Jamaran.

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