Remember the innocent pickpocket Risa, Kang Saep’s staff at Preman Pensiun, this is his portrait and fate now – Preman Pensiun is one of the favorite shows for soap opera fans. Tells the story of a big thug boss who changed direction, Preman Pensiun was successful until season 7.

Not only does it tell about the life of thugs, but there is also the story of the development of a pickpocket school headed by Mang Saep. The man with the number one persuasion ability has succeeded in getting young men of weak faith to pickpocket with him.

One of them is Risa, a prospective employee who meets Saep by accident. The young Risa slowly began to falter. Saep’s persuasion was too strong for him to resist.

In Preman Pensiun, Risa is told as a new pickpocket who is still innocent and works as Saep’s subordinate. In everyday life, his style is different when filming. He turned out to be a model and content creator.

No longer active on soap operas, now Ghina is shifting gears selling used clothes. Intrigued by the latest portrait? Brilio will review it compiled from various sources on Saturday (18/3).


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