Pickpockets, a public transportation specialist at Preman Pensiun, have now chosen to become MUA, here are 9 of his newest portraits

Brilio.net – The soap Preman Retirement has become one of the sitcoms that has gained popularity in Indonesia. The story is fresh and accompanied by comedy that can churn fans’ stomachs. This show is suitable to watch in the midst of daily activities.

The popularity of Preman Pensiun has also boosted the popularity of a number of newcomer actresses who have played in this soap opera. Apart from their beautiful looks, their shrewdness in acting also stole the attention.

One of them is the role of market and angkot specialist pickpockets, who is Saep’s subordinate, Vony. In the soap Preman Pensiun, he joined the Academy of Bandung Pickpocket, which was formed by Saep. However, finally insisted on repenting after the death of his father due to lung disease. Agnis Risdayanti played this role nicely.

Currently, Agnis is no longer visible on the screen. The latest news, he chose to continue his business as MUA. Curious how he looks now? The following is brilio.net, compiled from various sources, Saturday (18/3).


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