Petruk Cloud Appears at the Top of Merapi, Sujiwo Tejo Says This, Insertlive –

The peak of Mount Merapi was enlivened after the appearance of a cloud resembling Petruk’s head appeared.

This phenomenon made the famous humanist and writer Sujiwo Tejo comment.

Sujiwo Tejo said that Petruk was known and trusted as a caretaker at Mount Merapi.

“Not every hot cloud on Merapi is in the form of Petruk, it’s just that it is believed that he is indeed the guardian of Merapi,” he explained.

“Because Petruk is very likely to form clouds and it is believed that the guardian is Merapi,” continued Sujiwo Tejo.

Meanwhile, quoting CNN Indonesia, a climate expert from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Emilya Nurjani said the appearance of the Petruk-like clouds occurred due to an unstable air mass at Merapi.

“Appears because the air mass is not stable around Mount Merapi, resulting in a different form of clouds from the existing clouds,” he explained on Thursday (16/3).

Even though she has a theory about the appearance of the clouds, Emilya still appreciates the residents who saw Petruk’s figure in the Merapi clouds.

For him, the appearance of clouds on Merapi similar to Petruk is one of the beliefs held by the local community.

“Yes, this goes back to people’s trust if then the cloud that is there is interpreted as Petruk and there is meaning behind it,” he said.


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