Persik Kediri vs Persebaya: 5 Matches Without Winning, Bajul Ijo’s Mission Rises Up in the East Java Derby


Persebaya Surabaya is determined to rise against Persik Kediri in the continuation of League 1 2022/2023/Photo/Twitter

KEDIRI – Persebaya Surabaya is determined to rise against Persik Kediri in the 2022/2023 League 1 continuation. Bajol Ijo -Persebaya’s nickname- pegged three points in the match titled East Java Derby at the Brawijaya Stadium, Kediri, Saturday (18/3/2023).

Persebaya came into the match with a negative trend after five games without a win with two draws and three defeats. Finally, Bajul Ijo drew 2-2 against Persib Bandung, last March 13.

Persebaya coach Aji Santoso admitted that fighting Persik was very prestigious. Aji ignited new enthusiasm for his players, in order to earn three points at the opponent’s cage.

“I convey to the players that the match against Persik must start with a new spirit, with fresh conditions,” said Aji Santoso as quoted from the New Indonesia League (PT LIB) website. “Hopefully our Peach opponent can break the negative trend.”

The 52-year-old coach emphasized that his troops are ready to face Persik. Persebaya players also enjoy a serious but relaxed training pattern.

“The practice players are quite happy even though there is a serious element too, but still in the fun element,” he said.

Aji Santoso made sure his team was in prime condition against Persik Kediri. This allowed him to reduce the composition of the best players in the match later. “All are in good condition. All are participating in training, no one is absent,” he concluded.


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