Pain Over and Over! Divorced by Aldila Jelita When Not Recovered, Indra Bekti is Now Rushed to the Hospital Again

A heavy test is befalling Indra Bekti’s life. This famous presenter is known to have fallen ill, requiring him to undergo major surgery and various recovery therapies.

Sadly, Bekti also had to experience the bitterness of divorce before she fully recovered. Even now, Bekti has to leave her luxurious residence with Aldila Jelita and start a new life in a house with a perforated ceiling.

As if the exams weren’t hard enough to face, now Bekti reportedly has to be rushed back to the hospital. So, did this happen because of the stress that Bekti experienced over the various tests she was facing?

Investigate a calibaration, Bekti apparently was rushed to the hospital because her body was unable to be exposed to a lot of cigarette smoke at her place of work.

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“Maybe there was a lot of cigarette smoke at the event venue, the smoke on the stage too, and maybe it irritated his eyes and irritated his eyes. Earlier he complained that his eyes were itchy and sore, then when he saw his eyes were really red, so we went straight to the RSPAD,” said Cipta, younger brother Bekti, quoted from the Intense Investigation YouTube channel, Saturday (18/3/2023).

However, a definite analysis of Bekti’s condition has not been revealed clearly because the doctor in question has not handled it.

Cipta does not deny that his older brother started working when his condition had not fully recovered. However, Cipta also acknowledged that Bekti himself felt the need to work so he would not be stressed during the recovery period.

“That (returning to work) was a wish from Bang Indra himself too. If he stays at home, he’s bound to be even more stressed and one of his stress releases is by joining a podcast, that’s how it is,” said Cipta.

However, Cipta also ensured that Bekti’s stress was not the result of being sued for divorce by Aldila Jelita.

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“No, actually. What I see is that Bang Indra’s recovery is not yet 100 percent complete, actually he still has short term memory loss,” explained Cipta.

“In my opinion, this is actually an advantage, because he is not yet aware of the current problems. So as long as he is not asked about his problems, he doesn’t remember,” he added.


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