Out of the UN1TY boyband, Ricky Zakno is a great solo career

Suara.com – Singer Ricky Zakno chose to leave the boy band that had made his name, UN1TY. He also chose to pursue a solo career and launched a new single Betajuk, Walk Again.

The song Walk Again is Pika Iskandar’s fruit, which previously created many hits. The song was made after he poured out his feelings to the songwriter.

Boyband UN1TY [Instagram]Boyband UN1TY [Instagram]

“Early in 2023 I met Kak Pika, then I told him about it. Then suddenly it became a song. Sis Pika turned my story into an extraordinary song,” said Ricky Zakno recently when he was met in the South Jakarta area.

In addition, Ricky admitted that his new song was proof that he was able to keep working even though he had left UN1TY.

“This song has a deep meaning for me. There are meetings, of course there are farewells, okay, that’s okay. I decided to take another step, because it’s not an easy thing to move forward,” he continued.

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After pursuing a solo career, Ricky wanted to try a variety of musical genres. He was inspired by great Indonesian musicians such as Glenn Fredly to Afgan in his creations.

Ricky Zakno (Instagram/@ricky_zakno)Ricky Zakno (Instagram/@ricky_zakno)

“I was inspired a lot by Glenn Fredly, Rio Febrian and Afgan. Hopefully I can learn a lot from them and apply them in my career,” he concluded.

Previously, Ricky officially left UN1TY since November 2022. Since then he has chosen to continue as a musician as a soloist.

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