Nathalie Holscher Shows Off Wedding Invitations, Ready to Get Married Again?

Nathalie Holscher suddenly shared a photo of a wedding invitation on her Instagram account.

Judging from her Instagram account @nathalieholscher, you can see a wedding invitation with her face and a man on it.

Nathalie Holscher can be seen taking a photo facing a man whose face cannot be seen.

In the wedding invitation, it can be seen that the man’s name was kept secret and only covered the words ‘Censored’. It can be seen that the man’s name has the initials G.

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Even the time and place of the event are still being kept secret. It just says 2023, 5 p.m. In her upload, Nathalie Holscher also uses Colin Clark’s song Wedding Day.

Through her upload statement, Nathalie Holscher asks for blessings from her colleagues and her followers on Instagram.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .. please pray for your blessing so that everything goes smoothly .. amen!” wrote Nathalie Holscher quoted by Mamagini, Saturday (18/3/2023).

Sule’s ex-wife also closed the comments column on Instagram. However, netizens are still responding to the photo of the wedding invitation in another Nathalie Holscher photo upload.

“Si G was invited by Sis Nathalie,” asked the account @its****.

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“Hahaha, you know, when you launch a new product, you have to be careful about pranks,” said the account @far****.

“Announcement seeks attention, now comments are dispensed with,” said the account @sup ****.

“Really want to get married or content,” said the account @sha ****

“It’s very fast, sis, just get married,” said netizens.

“It looks like a prank,” said netizens


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