Most popular: Permatasari’s beautiful reasons for young marriage to Aming’s spiritual journey, Insertlive –

1. Tired of constant adultery, Indah Permatasari is determined to marry Arie Kriting young

The controversy between Indah Permatasari and her mother is still continuing. The mother, Nursyah, has still not given her blessing to the marriage of Indah Permatasari and Arie Kriting. Indah Permatasari then revealed the reason for marrying Arie Kriting.

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2. Lina Mukherjee Shows Off Eating Pork, Gus Miftah: Mocking God’s Prohibition

Lina Mukherjee’s action of eating pork made netizens blaspheme. Gus Miftah even gave a strong warning to Lina Mukherjee. Gus Miftah regretted Lina Mukherjee’s actions, who were proud to openly commit immorality.

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3. Inflamed BLINKs, Kiky Saputri voiced after commenting on Jennie BLACKPINK

Boy and Kiky reviewed the appearance of Jennie BLACKPINK which according to him was like a lazy or tired person. As a result of the chat, Kiky and Boy inflamed BLINKs. Kiky Saputri finally opened Suara after his Instagram was full of criticism from netizens regarding his comments on Jennie BLACKPINK’s performance on the ‘Born Pink World Tour’

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4. After the Domestic Violence Case, Rizky Billar & Lesti’s Silence on the Tuai Sneaky Stage

Rizky Billar and Lesti Kejora were again blasphemed after showing off their intimacy on stage. The moment of silence occurred when Lesti cried while singing her new song. Billar, who immediately swiftly wiped Lesti’s tears, was actually considered full of fakes.

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5. Aming’s Spiritual Journey, Hijrah without Force

This man whose real name is Amink Supriatna Sugandhi has now moved. Occurring spontaneously, Aming stated that his spiritual journey occurred without coercion.

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