Most Popular: Bitter Mouth and Full Stomach Signs of Pregnancy-Unique Design of Paula Verhoeven’s Children’s Room –

Most popular in HaiBunda, Saturday (18/3/2023):

1. Are bitter mouth and full stomach a sign of pregnancy?

There are various kinds of changes that are felt when Mother is pregnant. One of them is a mouth that feels bitter when eating food.

Launching Utswmed Org, in medical terms it is known as dysgeusia, Mother. Namely the change in the sense of taste. During pregnancy, these changes are most likely caused by pregnancy hormones.



Check out the full explanation here, OK?

2. 3 Recipe for Es Palu Butung typical of Makassar, a sweet snack suitable for breaking the fast

Butung hammer ice is a typical Makassar sweet dish that is often eaten as an iftar menu. The sweet and soft taste in one bowl can be a thirst quencher after fasting all day.

How to make hammer ice is also not difficult, you know. You only need to prepare a few ingredients needed.

Take a peek at the recipe for ice hammer buttung here.

3. The funny story of Arumi Bachsin’s daughter, who did not know her father was an official, confused that her parents were famous

Arumi Bachsin is one of the celebrities who became the wife of an official. The husband, Emil Elestianto Dardak, is carrying out his duties as Deputy Governor of East Java.

Arumi apparently never showed his work to children when he was still active in the entertainment world, Mother. He even admits that children often ask why their mother is famous.

See the full story here, come on.

4. Having been covered up, Aurelie Moeramans reveals that she has colli tumors in her neck that make strange faces

Shocking news came from the beautiful artist Aurelie Moeramans. Not long ago, he revealed that he had a colli tumor, Mother.

After finishing shooting the 2nd series in December 2022, Aurelie immediately checked for a lump in her neck with an ultrasound test at the hospital. The results also stated that Aurelie had colli tumors.

Even so, Aurelie was still grateful because the tumor she had was not classified as a malignant tumor.

Read the full story of Aurelie Moeramans here.

5. Paula Verhoeven Reveals Why the Design of a Children’s Room Looks Like It Hasn’t Been Completed

Baim Wong is known to have just moved offices, Mother. In the new office, he and his wife, Paula Verhoeven, helped prepare bedrooms for their children, you know.

Not long ago, Paula showed her child’s room in her new office. Apparently, this room is designed as unfinished or unfinished.

Are you curious about Paula and Baim’s reasons for creating a children’s room with an unfinished concept? See more here, yes.

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