Mohammad Ahsan Apologizes for Celebrating on the Field after Eliminating Chinese Representatives


Mohammad Ahsan apologizes to Liu Yu Chen/Ou Xuan Yi after over-celebrating with Hendra Setiawan in the 2023 All England quarter-finals / Photo: PBSI

BIRMINGHAM – Mohammad Ahsan apologized to Liu Yu Chen/Ou Xuan Yi after over-celebrating with Hendra Setiawan in the quarter-finals of the All England 2023. He admitted that he did this purely because he felt relieved to win after always being left behind throughout the game.

Ahsan/Hendra qualified for the semifinals of the All England 2023 by winning the rubber game 16-21, 21-19 and 21-19, Friday (17/3/2023). In the deciding game, The Daddies were actually 5-11 behind.

However, Ahsan/Hendra were able to make a sensational comeback to end the Chinese representative’s resistance. When the match ended, Ahsan immediately celebrated by dancing on the field.

Ahsan then apologized to his opponent for his celebration because he only felt that the match could win after always being left behind throughout the match.

“I apologize to my opponent today because my celebration was overdone. Purely because of a reflex of relief after being pressured from the start and finally being able to win,” said Ahsan in a press statement from the PBSI release.

Meanwhile, Hendra commented more on their appearance in this match. He revealed the key to his victory to qualify for the semifinals.

“I thank God, thank God, that we were able to go through an extraordinary match. We were already behind and then we were able to catch up and win. In the second game, we felt like we wanted to be superior no matter what, if their opponent would have been like that, yes. Past experience, even though we didn’t slack off, they still caught up. The point was to stay focused and don’t let your guard down,” explained Hendra.

“Definitely happy, but beyond the victory, I feel we played our best, so whether we want to win or lose earlier, our game was all over. In the third game, after falling behind we tried to force them to play with our pattern. That’s all,” he concluded.


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