Missing the Last Minute, Statistics Marselino Ferdinan et al and KMSK Deinze Failed to Approach Lommel

VOICE SEMARANG – Marselino Ferdinan’s club KMSK Deinze received disappointing results in their latest match against Lommel.

Playing at home, KMSK Deinze failed to take advantage of the goal advantage and ended up having to share the points.

As a result, Marselino Ferdinan et al failed to approach Lommel, who is still firmly at the top of the relegation group standings.

The course of the match, the match was so exciting and buying and selling attacks in the first half.

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KMSK Deinze coach, Marc Grosjean implemented a 4-2-3-1 formation to control the midfield.

Even though this strategy failed, due to the fact that KMSK Deinze only had 42 percent of the ball possession versus 58 percent, their attacks were fairly lethal.

Evidently, in the 11th minute through Alessio Staelens, Marselino Ferdinan’s club took the lead first.

In total, statistically, Marselino Ferdinan et al had 4 shots at goal out of a total of 10 attempts.

While the visitors have the same chance of 17 trials. The Orange Tigers also picked up 2 yellow cards, and so did Lommel.

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However, a goal in the 80th minute scored by Glenn Neven broke the victory for KMSK Deinze who was in front of his supporters.

With this result, KMSK Deinze is still 5 points behind Lommel and has the opportunity to be approached by Dender who is in third place.

In that match, Marc Grosjean made two substitutions, namely defender Christophe Janssens was replaced by Jannes Vansteenkiste and midfielder Liridon Balaj was replaced by Dylan De Belder, all in the 77th minute.

The entry of striker De Belder, who replaced a midfielder, shows that KMSK Deinze wants to win.

In this match, Marselino Ferdinan did not get a chance to play and warmed up the KMSK Deinze bench. ***


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