Jimin BTS Rilis Single ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’

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Jimin BTS has just released a single titled Set Me Free Pt. 2 on Friday (17/3). The release of this song was carried out before Jimin officially released his first solo album, FACE.

On the song Set Me Free Pt. 2, Jimin showed his ability in singing in hip hop and rap genres.

For the video clip itself is not too much. Jimin appeared accompanied by dozens of background dancers in a studio.

In addition, Jimin in the video clip Set Me Free Pt. 2 wearing two types of clothing. The first shirt is covered with a black leather jacket. In the second, Jimin wore a transparent t-shirt with a fur jacket.


Launching from The Korea Herald, through the song Set Me Free Pt. 2 Jimin explained that he wanted to show his desire to move forward.

Jimin wanted to feel free and unbound by feelings of pain, sadness, and emptiness.


Previously, Jimin BTS had announced that he would release the album FACE next Friday (24/3).

In their written statement, BIGHIT explained that FACE would talk about Jimin as a solo singer.

“FACE is about Jimin facing himself head-on as he prepares for his next step as a solo artist,” explained BIGHIT.

“Jimin will meet fans through various activities, including the release of FACE, so we ask for your support for Jimin’s first official solo activity,” he continued.

The announcement of the release of Jimin’s latest album was made when he broadcast live on Weverse on February 10.

“I think the album I’m working on will be released around March,” said Jimin during a Weverse live broadcast on Friday (10/2).


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