Jennie BLACKPINK Allegedly Experiencing Panic Attack, Recognize the Symptoms According to the Doctor –

The excitement of BLACKPINK’s concert last weekend in is still being discussed by Blinks. The performances of Jennie, Rose, Jisoo and Lisa also made their fans never stop admiring them.

However, behind the excitement of the concert there was news that Jennie had experienced a panic attack. This suspicion first spread on social media, reinforced by the observations of a number of fans when they saw the action of the Korean girl band at GBK,

This allegation is again being discussed in response to the podcast uploaded by Boy William and Kiky Saputri. Both had discussed Jennie’s appearance which was different from the other members.



When performing on the GBK stage, Jennie was considered lazy or not as agile as usual. Apparently, this isn’t the first time that news about Jennie having a panic attack has been spread. Previously, it was also suspected that he had experienced this anxiety problem, although this had not been directly confirmed by his agency.

What are panic attacks?

Regarding the panic attack itself, explained the Head of the Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor Psychosocial Rehabilitation Installation, Dr. Lahargo Kembaren, SpKJ that this is a panic attack condition that is part of an anxiety disorder (anxiety). Panic attacks have the most severe intensity and are episodic in nature, with symptoms appearing psychologically and physically.

“This panic attack causes extraordinary fear, such as a heart attack, dying, as if you want to die. Even though there are actually no organs that are disturbed or dangerous when this attack occurs,” said Lahargo Kembaren.

Panic attack symptoms

Further explained by Lahargo, this panic attack usually lasts 10-30 minutes. However, in some cases it can take up to an hour, Mother.

After the symptoms subside, the person affected by the panic attack can return to normal activities. However, when a panic attack recurs, the person may feel scared.

What causes this to happen?


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