Israeli Officers Arrest 2 Jewish Teenagers Who Want to Burn the Mosque


Israeli Officers Arrest 2 Jewish Teenagers Who Want to Burn the Mosque. PHOTO/Reuters

TEL AVIV – Two teenagers from Tel Aviv, Israel have been arrested for carrying out the bombing at the Sayedna Ali Mosque in Herzliya in January. Initially, the two teenagers also intended to attack Arab residents, but failed to do so.

Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet said on Friday (17/3/2023), that Liad Ohana, 19, and a 16-year-old boy, who was not named, had been indicted on various charges. The charges included committing a terrorist act, arson and using weapons for terrorist purposes.

As reported by Arab News, the couple also initially planned to punish an Arab citizen, but they abandoned the plan and decided to attack a mosque.

The statement said there had been an increase in nationalism following the terrorist attack by settlers in Hawara in February, which “posed a threat to the security of the country.”

“During the investigation carried out by the Shin Bet, it became clear that the two suspects were involved in the crimes they were accused of and the evidence gathered revealed that the attempt to set fire to the mosque was motivated by nationalism,” the Shin Bet said.

The Shin Bet added that after seeing the mosques in the Tel Aviv area, the teenagers decided to zero in on one in the abandoned village of Haram, near the city of Herzliya.

According to the arrest warrant filed by the public prosecutor with the court, the two suspects manufactured “incendiary Molotov cocktails to carry out the plan to burn down the mosque.”

“If the plans of the accused are fully implemented and the mosque is burned down, this will lead to a severe escalation of acts of violence in Israeli society,” the Shin Bet said.

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