From dull to modern minimalist, take a peek at the 9 transformations of this all-white style kitchen a young mom’s dream – Organizing a house is not as easy as one might think. Sometimes it takes a long and gradual process to produce a dream dwelling. So don’t be surprised if many people repeatedly arrange the interior layout of their home, until they get the right position.

This woman also did this. December 2011 he occupied a house with makeshift conditions. The house where the woman named Ria lives is fairly simple, as is the kitchen area. The appearance of the kitchen is very ordinary and looks less attractive.

Therefore Ria tries to redecorate the kitchen according to her dreams. What do you think about the transformation of a kitchen that initially looks dull and ordinary, turning into a small, modern minimalist style kitchen? Here is the full review that collected from Instagram @ianria_home, Saturday (18/3).


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