For the sake of watching TREASURE in, fans spend up to tens of millions, Insertlive –

The presence of TREASURE in has been highly anticipated by its fans or familiarly known as TEUME.

Since it was announced that they would be holding a concert titled 2023 TREASURE TOUR [HELLO] IN JAKARTA which was held for two days, Saturday (18/3) and Sunday (19/3) at ICE, BSD, Banten, West Java, TEUME is excited to hunt for tickets.

TREASURE’s arrival for the concert for two days was not wasted by the fans.

One of them is Verina Intan, she has prepared a budget to meet her idols, Haruto and Jihoon, for 2 days.

“I want to see the Darari rock/band version performance, Best Friend Forever. There are a lot of moments, but I also want to feel the vibes on the live version of the Orange song because it makes me emotional,” said Verina when she told InsertLive about her enthusiasm for watching the TREASURE concert, Saturday ( 18/3).

To be able to grant her wish, Verina also signed up for MecimaPro membership to make it easier for her to buy tickets in the front category.

Verina also spent around IDR 750 thousand to register and around IDR 7 million to buy concert tickets for two days.

“This TREASURE ticket war is easy for MCP because it uses a Google form and maybe there are not as many enthusiasts as Weverse membership,” explained this woman from Depok.

Apart from tickets and membership, Verina also spends a lot of money to buy lightsticks, photocards, dolls, and other concert plans.

For the sake of watching TREASURE in, fans spend up to tens of millionsFor the sake of watching TREASURE in, fans spend up to tens of millions / Photo: Arman Maulana

“There are lots of preparations before watching, starting from buying preludes such as official merchandise, outfits, making freebies, buying a lightstick for IDR 600,000, then an official tattoo for IDR 180,000,” he continued.

In addition, Verina also spent three days staying in the BSD area.

When asked about how much budget she spent watching TREASURE, Verina was reluctant to give an exact figure.

However, in total, he has spent up to tens of millions of rupiah to watch his idol.


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