For the sake of Content, Lina Mukherjee Eats Pork: Muslim Cave, Sin Cave – Recently, a video was circulated of Lina Mukherjee offending a saint and being proud of her behavior.

What we know is that humans are not free from sin, because humans are given reason and lust.

Unlike the angels who were created only to obey Allah, so it is impossible to sin.

As Muslims, we are encouraged to repent for all sins and are strictly forbidden to boast about these sins.

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But unlike this program, Lina Mukherjee is proud of her sin.

“Right now, I’m Muslim, I eat pork, I’m a sin,” said Lina Mukhrejee in a loud voice, quoted on Instagram @gosipnesia, Friday (17/3/23).

Lina Mukherjee is proud because even though she has sinned, she does not feel hypocritical and is honest.

“You don’t have to overdo it. Humans are sinful creatures, in this world there is nothing holy. But at least I’m honest and that’s what I’m doing now,” said Lina.

Not only that, he blamed other people by mentioning other sins.

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“Have you ever committed adultery or not? Have you committed other sins? Are you 100 percent pure? Because you can cheat people, be lawless, stingy, and many other things because humans are sinners, Guys,” he said.


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