Feeling in vain Doing good deeds? This is a sign that a deed is accepted by Allah, Buya Yahya: I miss doing that more and more

SuaraTasikmalaya.id- Yahya Zainul Ma’arif or known as Buya Yahya gives the characteristic that a person’s charity is accepted, that can be seen from longing.

Reported by Suara Tasikmalaya.id from YouTube Al-Bahjah TV, Buya Yahya explained that the sign that someone’s charity is accepted can be seen from our longing to do it again.

He said, the sign of a person’s charity being accepted by God is that we yearn more and more to do good continuously.

Buya Yahya said, if the prayer is accepted, we are enthusiastic and longing to pray, if we go to the mosque to pray in congregation, then the congregational prayer has been accepted.

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Just like when giving gifts to humans, something that is liked and that is given to humans, we will get a reward in the form of kindness too.

So, the caretaker of the Da’wah Al Bahjah Institute said. “Because the charity was accepted, we are happy and excited to do it again, the stronger the desire to do it again,” said Buya Yahya.

It’s the same as when we get praise from humans when we give gifts to them, God will also give longing and praise to those whose deeds are accepted.

On the other hand, Buya Yahya said, charity that is not accepted makes us lazy and there is no incentive to do the practice. there is no longing, and there is no enjoyment.

“Suddenly made lazy, that’s a sign not accepted by God,” he added.

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The person who is accepted will get the meaning of lughat (favor) and the pleasures in this worship will never be felt and compared to the pleasures in this world. (*/editor zahran)


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