Even though they are still in love, it turns out that these are 7 reasons that make women leave their partners!

Beauties, surely no one wants to leave their loved ones and break off a relationship. However, we never know what will happen in front of us. Sometimes there are several reasons that inevitably push us to make that decision.

Love is a thing that often changes, but most women will try their best to maintain a relationship. Even so, everyone also has limits if they feel hurt and the relationship does not gradually find a bright spot.

So, here are some of the reasons women leave their loved ones, reported by the Awareness Act!

Cheating partner

Breakup Reasons/freepik.com/rawpixel.com
Breakup Reasons/freepik.com/rawpixel.com

When a man cheats, this of course hurts the feelings of the woman who is his partner. Even though they can forgive, women often cannot forget. In many cases, women will also immediately leave their partners if they are really being cheated on.

Her Partner Is Being Rude

Beauties, whatever the form, violence is something that should not be done, including in a relationship. No one deserves to accept any form of violence. This can be the reason women leave their partners, even if they still have feelings.

Her partner is a liar

Couples quarreling/Photo:freepik/jcompIllustration/Photo: Freepik/jcomp

Trust is fundamental in establishing a relationship. Therefore, being in a relationship with a liar is the most difficult scenario in a romantic relationship. People who are used to lying, it will be difficult for him to stop. Over time this will cause big problems.

Manipulative partner

Manipulator is someone who is very talented in manipulating or exerting influence on his partner. Of course all women do not like this manipulator attitude, and of course they will not hesitate to ask to break up if their partner continues to manipulate them.

Couples Using It

Alasan Putus/freepik.com/freepik
Alasan Putus/freepik.com/freepik

There are several cases in relationships, where a man just takes advantage of his partner for various reasons. It can be from material or non-material use. If she realizes that she has been used, a woman will definitely choose to leave the man, even though she still loves him.

Too Many Differences

Beauties, a relationship exists between two people with different heads and principles, of course not always the same. However, still. If there are too many differences it will lead to fights. This one reason is also often the reason the relationship doesn’t work out and you have to let it go.

One-Sided Relationships

Reason for Breakup/freepik.com/senivpetro
Reason for Breakup/freepik.com/senivpetro

A healthy relationship should have two sides, not just one. So, when the relationship is one-sided, it gets really tiring. This is often the cause of the end of a relationship.

Those are some of the reasons that usually underlie women to leave the partner they love. Do you have another reason?


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