Driver Kang Bahar at Preman Pensiun has a hobby of touring motorcycles, take a peek at his 11 portraits while riding – The soap Preman Pensiun is deeply embedded in the public’s memory. This is because this soap opera presents stories that are light and relate to everyday life. In fact, it was so exciting that this soap opera managed to reach broadcasts up to the seventh season.

In addition to an interesting storyline, the presence of a series of characters also makes the audience more curious about the continuation of the story. One of the characters that appears in this series is Amin, who is Kang Bahar’s driver. The figure of Amin is described as a man with a Sundanese accent who is smart, neatly dressed, wearing a shirt and trousers.

Amin also often became the butt of Imas because he often bullied him. Apparently in the real world, the figure of Amin, the driver of Kang Bahar, is a husband and father. He is known as an artist who has a hobby in the automotive field.

Curious as to what the portrait looks like? Here summarizes from various sources on Sunday (18/3), 11 portraits of driver Kang Bahar while riding.


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