Don’t be fooled, the 11 inscriptions on this vehicle wash banner must be read twice – One of the tips for caring for your vehicle so that it looks good is washing it. Cleaning the vehicle is quite important. This is done so that the vehicle body looks clean and protected from rust.

For those of you who have a favorite motorbike or car, you need to have time to clean it yourself. If you can’t, don’t worry, there are plenty of motorbike or car washing services too.

Some motorbike or car wash places even offer facilities and services that don’t just wash. There are regular washing services, snow washing, steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, tire polishing, and many more.

So, in order for the laundry area to sell well, of course, the business owner will put up a unique banner as a promotional medium. In fact, there are also those who write absurd things on their banners.

As you can see below. Don’t be fooled by reading these eleven banners for a car wash. Compiled by from various sources on Friday (17/3).

1. This can be used as a place for subscriptions. If it’s been washed and it’s raining, you can wash it again here for free.

the writing on this banner wash the vehicle Various sources



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