Donita’s 5 Unique Ways to Introduce Fasting to Children, Collect Tickets to Heaven –

Ramadan is the right time to introduce the concept of fasting to your little one. Every parent certainly has a unique way of introducing it. Like Donita who uses the concept of a ticket to heaven to introduce fasting to children.

For Muslim children, the fasting month gives them the opportunity to learn more about their faith, do good deeds, enjoy a period of reflection, and experience fasting for the first time.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Adi Nugroho’s wife admits that she has taught her children about fasting from an early age, Mother.



Even though they are not yet obliged to carry out these services, Donita and Adi still introduce children to the benefits that they can get by attending services in this holy month.

“From a young age (already taught) about fasting, they like to see us having breakfast and breaking our fast from a young age. So, while explaining this slowly,” said Donita, in the Media Gathering: Welcoming Ramadan Comfort, on Wednesday (15 /3/2023).

This mother of two does not hesitate to share some of her unique ways of introducing Ramadan to her children, Mother.

Donita’s way of introducing fasting to children

Donita’s things are unique enough to introduce the obligations of a Muslim. What are you curious about? Here are five ways Donita introduces fasting to children:

1. Explain the benefits of undergoing worship in the month of fasting

Instead of forcing your little one to participate in the fasting month, Donita prefers to provide an explanation of what benefits the little one can get when going through the fasting month of worship.

Donita said that she introduced fasting by explaining heaven and hell to her children.

“Usually I introduce them from the shallowest, I introduce heaven and hell. Heaven is a place where children can eat chocolate, play gadgets, the condition is that we must collect tickets to enter heaven by means of worship,” explained Donita .

2. Keeping clean

Cleanliness is part of faith, Donita also teaches cleanliness to her children as part of worship, Mother.

“One of the acts of worship that can be done is by maintaining cleanliness. So, children already know that cleaning can also be rewarded,” he said.

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