Confessions Arda Naff Leaving Sick Children for Work, Unable to Hold Back Tears –

Arda, the vocalist of Naff, has been acting as a father since 2016. He has two children from his marriage to Tantri Kotak.

This couple is still harmoniously building their household after 8 years. Even so, there were sad moments that were always hard for Arda to go through.

It happened when her children fell ill, Mother. As recently experienced by his first daughter, Karanada Medina Danarda.



The girl who is familiarly called Kara was born on April 23, 2016. Kara is currently 5 years old. Everything about Kara becomes a test that Arda and Tantri have to go through.

Through the latest uploads on social media, Arda tells about Kara who is sick. This was a heavy blow for both parents.

“Tested on the maximum weight of the child. Because it must be involved in using his deepest feelings, especially for a mother. This patient KARA, this loving person turns out to be good at hiding his half-dead little secret finally revealed,” wrote Arda on the Instagram account @ardanaff.

The owner’s full name, Hatna Danarda, said that her heart was burning when she had to leave her sick daughter to go to work.

He was forced to wave and kiss Kara in order to assume the role of backbone and head of the family. That moment made Arda unable to hold back the tears.

“Parents’ chests feel like they are burning when they wave their hands and kiss away the children who are forced to be left in a state of illness and not doing well. It often happens that just in front of the house, the tears are hot and they want to come out,” he said.

It’s hard for Arda to leave his sick child at home. But life still has to go on. He has an obligation to make a living.

“It feels like I just want to be at home, but how is it possible that money can leak out of the attic of the house. What must be lived must be lived, some people’s lives are not as easy as cocote tonggane,” said Arda.

“There are those who are struggling to pay off debts, there are those who are fighting desperately to be the backbone, there are those who have no choice but to fight. It’s called fighting, there must be sacrifice,” he added.

More than that, children have become valuable lessons for Arda as adults. His role as a parent provides a wise perspective. Read on the next page.

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