BLACKPINK’s successor girl group from YG Entertainment, BABYMONSTER Cover of Rose BLACKPINK’s Gone song

VOICE SEMARANG – In the future, the girl group BABYMONSTER will be the successor to BLACKPINK which is one management under YG Entertainment.

The BABYMONSTER girl group, who is a new rookie at YG Entertainment, has covered Rose BLACKPINK’s song Gone.

However, those who covered Rose BLACKPINK’s song were not all of the BABYMONSTER members, but only a few.

The members are Ruka, Pharita and Ahyeon, with their musical style they can deliver the song titled Gone well and enchantingly.

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The cover video entitled Gone by Rose BLACKPINK was uploaded on March 17, 2023 by YG Entertainment on the BABYMONSTER YouTube account.

In the upload, entitled Gone sung by Ruka, Pharita, Ahyeon.

Ahyeon became the opening singer who performed the song with a very distinctive and sensual vocal technique.

He delivered the song well, as well as his stage action which was simple but very total.

The chorus he can perform perfectly, and not just anyone can do that, and it requires a high level of skill to transition between falsetto and chest voice.

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Furthermore, Pharita, who was in front of him, was able to enhance the depth of his vocals with Ahyeon.

The distinctive voice that he brings makes the music acceptable to the ear very subtly, which can present sad emotions and give a deep impression.

Then Ruka appeared from the other side of the stage, who performed in his rapping style.

Ruka can deliver verse by verse rap perfectly and had time to add a few verses that weren’t in the original song.

His charming low notes in fast-paced British rap blended with his crisp voice, attracting awe.

With her ability to perform Rose BLACKPINK’s song Gone, it further proves that YG Entertainment’s newest girl group is versatile.

The people who watched the stage performance of BABYMONSTER Ahyeon, Pharita and Ruka, showered him with compliments.


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