Arie Kriting immediately reacted when Indah Permatasari was called suitable for an actor like this

Even though Arie Kriting has become the legal husband of Indah Permatasari, he is still often bullied about his appearance.

This is also because her own mother-in-law, Nursyah, still often insinuates her with evil words.

Later netizens also attacked him with sarcastic sentences.

Unexpectedly, this netizen’s sarcasm was immediately answered.

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This started with Arie Kriting who posted a video upload on his personal Instagram account.

In this upload, Arie Kriting posted a video with the background song Komang, which is known to be very romantic.

In this uploaded video, Arie Kriting doesn’t forget to write poetic words in the uploaded video.

Unexpectedly there were comments from netizens with the account name @nurnuraini1989 giving sarcastic comments.

“Beautiful fit SM handsome actor,” said the upload account as quoted in the comments column Arie Kriting, last Wednesday quoted on Friday (17/3).

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Arie Kriting unexpectedly gave a response or reply to this comment.

“@nurnuraini1989 thank you sister for praising me handsome. That’s the only reason @indahpermatas chose me,” said @arie_kriting.

Knowing this, dozens of netizens defended Arie Kriting and attacked netizens who were sarcastic.

“@nurnuraini1989 handsome, if it hurts, what do you do ma’am, the important thing is to make your wife happy both physically and mentally,” said @nengnickmah.

“@nurnuraini1989, there are those who choose handsome and then get married, they are slammed,” said the account owner @little_gemelli.

“@nurnuraini1989 is it embarrassing ma’am with a profile photo comment like this? wow,” said @sekarpuut_.

And there are many other defenses given by netizens for Arie Kriting, including praising Indah’s attitude in choosing Arie Kriting.


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